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Baoli harbours Chinese market opportunity

Baoli harbours Chinese market opportunity

China’s logistics market has recorded an unexpected economic growth in recent years. The analyses of the official regulations issued by the World Industrial Truck Statistics (WITS/FEM) and the Chinese association CITA highlighted an increase of products over the territory and numbers relating to export: in fact, every year 1,54 million forklift trucks are produced, 435 thousand of which are for internal use and more than 168 thousand for world distribution. Exports from China led to 29% increase, with a 26% of forklift trucks exported to the United States, 34% to Europe, 26% to Asia and 14% to the rest of the world. It follows that the European market is the one which absorbs the highest percentage of forklift trucks produced in China. An extremely positive trend which encouraged Baoli, an important international player operating in more than 65 countries, to develop its sales network within the Chinese territory in order to have an even stronger impact on an international scale. The Baoli branded forklift trucks represent the perfect combination of engineering and technology of a large world group and the pragmatism and attention to the costs typical of products made in Asia. 

“The great expansion of the Chinese logistics market offers excellent development prospects for our company on an international scale, the first one to be able to combine competitive prices and reliability with the German design quality and a first rate after-sales service – explains Francesco Pampuri, Baoli EMEA’s marketing manager – Thanks to our widespread sales network and the success achieved by our forklift trucks, we dispose of a large warehouse of forklift trucks ready to be delivered in only 48 hours and spaces for training the maintenance personnel. An absolute guarantee both for our distributors and our customers. The main objective is to break into all the 86 countries part of the EMEA area considered to be important to the group with more than 600 licensees by the year 2020”.  

In detail, researches have also divided into macro categories over 164 thousand forklift trucks exported from China: 59% is represented by internal combustion counterbalanced forklift trucks, 32% warehouse trucks and 9% by electric lift trucks: “The thermal counterbalanced forklift trucks market, known all over the world for their simplicity and flexibility, has increased by 440% in the last 8 years, whilst the electric lift trucks are the ones that have been less successful since they represent the category of more complex products and used by companies for intense use – explains Giovanni Culici, Baoli EMEA’s Managing Director – Comparing the first six months of the year 2018 with the previous year’s ones, it is clear that the market of Chinese products in Western European Union (WEU) has increased by 76%, reaching a 12,6% market share whilst the EEU has grown by 46% reaching a 20,95 market share”.

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