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ATL Haulage to Introduce Telematics-Based Driver Incentives

ATL Haulage to Introduce Telematics-Based Driver Incentives

Essex-based Heavy Goods Vehicle operator ATL Haulage has begun implementation of Microlise’s Fleet Performance telematics solution across 75 vehicles to establish a new driver incentive programme.

The company, which operates from all major ports in the UK, has already begun fitting the solution. Once fully implemented, it will improve the performance of the entire fleet by increasing driver engagement and incentivising those with the best track record.  

“By introducing friendly competition we will raise the performance level of our entire fleet. We know that by reducing harsh cornering, acceleration and braking events, we’ll conserve fuel, minimise upkeep costs and reduce our environmental impact too,” said Amit Karia, Managing Director at ATL Haulage. “The best way of doing this is to provide performance information to drivers in an easy access, easy to understand way; then reward positive behaviour.”

ATL Haulage will be using the Microlise Driver Performance Management application, which will allow all drivers to self-debrief and compare their performance against their peers in a league table. Performance and fuel usage figures will be collated in a league table to identify the best performing drivers and reward them.

“We are pleased that the Microlise telematics solution is in place to support ATL Haulage’s plans to grow the business,” said Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer of Microlise. “There is really only one best way to drive, and by empowering their own drivers to improve through a driver performance incentive programme, we’re confident that ATL Haulage will soon see a return on investment through ongoing and meaningful improvements in fleet performance.”

The Microlise telematics solution is also being utilised to track vehicles, with a view to enabling customers to track their deliveries, particularly of high value goods, in real time.

Following implementation of the Microlise solution, drivers will be provided with a regular report of performance based on the Microlise A-G rating system. Trainers debrief drivers only when necessary meaning that training resources will be directed where they can have maximum impact.


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