ATL gears up to attract new drivers

December 05, 2018 by Kirsty Adams
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ATL gears up to attract new drivers

Foston-based Logistic Service Provider ATL has launched a training and employment initiative to attract and retain newly qualified drivers and address the shortfall of HGV drivers in the industry.

The ATL Transport Academy provides drivers with a two week training programme to gain experience in different teams, as well as the chance to shadow a driver, practice shunting into bays and take a driver compliance test, before given employment.   

Head of Distribution at ATL, Leighton Wood, says: “This is a great way to attract new drivers who need experience and we can then develop them into the best drivers we need to join our journey of growth.”

“We have also partnered up with driver training provider S-GTTL in Derby to promote the scheme to its drivers after they pass their test.”

Leighton adds: “Many newly qualified drivers find it difficult to get jobs without experience so this is a fantastic way to give drivers the experience they need and the chance to work for a growing company.”

“We can also use the scheme to offer experience of working in various roles in a transport office.”



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