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Asendia automates mailing with NetDespatch solution

Asendia automates mailing with NetDespatch solution

Asendia, one of the world’s leading international mail distribution companies, has automated its domestic and international parcel-tracked services with NetDespatch’s cloud-based shipping platform.

The investment has resulted in reduced operational costs and greatly simplified documentation and delivery processes.

Thanks to NetDespatch, Asendia is able to set rules for the automatic selection of its country-based delivery partners, allowing the organisation to manage a wide variety of different carriers and therefore get the best service and price for a destination.   

The new service enables Asendia’s customers, i.e. retailers, to print the appropriate labels for the carrier that is going to deliver the parcel regardless of the carrier service or country where the parcel is being delivered.

From a retailer’s point of view it couldn’t be simpler - no decisions need to be made about the labels and documentation they must produce, with all data automatically pre-advised to both Asendia and the in-country carrier, in their prescribed formats and languages. As a result, Asendia can now partner with different organisations around the world with no increased operational costs, giving it a powerful edge in the market.

Lloyd Webber, sales and marketing director, Asendia, comments: “With the growth of global e-commerce and the resulting demand for tracked e-parcel solutions, we wanted to offer our customers a single web-based shipping platform which would automatically determine by destination country, weight and other rules, which of our in-country partners would deliver the shipment.

"Previously, our customers were having to enter shipments into different carrier systems in order to get the correct labels and documentation. This could also occasionally create delays in making parcel tracking available to customers, both in-transit and upon delivery. The new Intelligent Vendor Selection (IVS) option from NetDespatch has enabled us to radically streamline the whole process giving us significant competitive advantage.”

Asendia has used NetDespatch’s web shipping and tracking platform since 2012 and was keen to work with NetDespatch to create Intelligent Vendor Selection, an enhancement to the current platform.

Asendia has branded the new Intelligent Vendor Selection solution i-Track. i-Track is now available to Asendia clients globally and can be utilised by any Asendia office, who can each set their own rules.       

Becky Clark, CEO for NetDespatch, concludes: “The new Intelligent Vendor Selection service from NetDespatch is a crucial leap forward for the postal and parcel industry. With online shopping continuing to expand across borders, domestic post and parcel organisations like Asendia need to utilise the services of carriers in other countries to deliver their goods.

"These multiple global partnerships are often difficult to manage as choice of partner follows complex selection rules, items need to be correctly labelled and must be accompanied by the correct documentation. NetDespatch’s Intelligent Vendor Selection service solves this problem and creates new market opportunities across the world for both retailers and carriers.”

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