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ArrowXL given go-ahead to deliver in-house CPC Training

ArrowXL given go-ahead to deliver in-house CPC Training

ArrowXL, the UK’s leading two-person home delivery expert, has received its accreditation to deliver Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) modules in-house. This will provide the company with increased control and visibility over employee training, which can be shaped to directly fit the business’ current requirements and help to further strengthen service levels.

The ArrowXL Development Academy has been approved to deliver five separate seven-hour modules, which includes a mixture of classroom-based and practical learning. The modules cover core driving skills, focusing on topics such as safety and driving efficiency, as well as training tailored towards its Platinum solution. This will allow its delivery heroes to assemble and install products, practice using handheld terminals and study best in-class customer service. A one-day CPC refresh course has also been sanctioned. During 2018, ArrowXL envisages that it will deliver accredited CPC courses to more than 350 colleagues, as well as to a number of its suppliers.

The Development Academy was opened at ArrowXL’s Wigan headquarters earlier this year and contains a purpose-built apartment - including a kitchen and bedroom -so delivery heroes can train and hone their skills in a real-life environment.

Zoe Sinclair, Head of Resourcing and Training, ArrowXL, said: “We are extremely proud to have received this important accreditation that will allow us to best train our colleagues and suppliers in the ArrowXL way. By bringing the training in-house, we can tailor the different modules in order to maximise their impact upon our business. In addition, our dedication to colleague development will help us to attract and retain staff, which is vital in an industry that is suffering from a skills shortage.”

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