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Apex to showcase a full range of self-serve automation solutions

Apex to showcase a full range of self-serve automation solutions

Already well-known for its industrial vending devices, Apex Supply Chain Technologies will showcase a full range of its self-serve, automation technologies at IntralogisteX 2018, providing attendees with a first-hand view of the latest solutions for industrial/MRO, asset management and inventory replenishment.

Regardless of application, Apex solutions are known for decreasing costs while increasing productivity by eliminating low value, manual tasks from logistics, industrial and warehouse operations. This frees up employees to concentrate on more valuable and important tasks.

Julian Adams, European CEO of Apex Supply Chain Technologies, Ltd. commented: “IntralogisteX 2018 is one of the best opportunities for the logistics and supply chain industries to gain a comprehensive view of the latest technology and trends. We’ve expanded well past industrial vending and will have experts from all of our offerings on stand to help attendees identify how our technology can best help them transform their operations to impact their bottom line.”

Reduce MRO costs by 30% with industrial vending

The EDGE 5000 is a hard-wearing vending solution, ideal for harsh industrial environments. The device dispenses a range of PPE equipment and industrial consumables, from gloves and protective goggles to tools and parts at the point-of-work. This eliminates the need for employees to walk to centralised tool stores for supplies. The EDGE 5000 also reduces consumption, inventory and streamlines purchasing. In fact, most customers report a 30% reduction in inventory costs using Apex industrial vending devices.

Repair costs shrink by 40% with self-serve, automated asset management

The AXCESS self-serve, automated locker helps manage, track and control highly-valuable, mission-critical equipment, such as handheld scanners and radio headsets, used in warehouses, distribution centres and other critical points in the supply chain. The smart lockers help eliminate waste and inefficiencies associated with time spent managing this equipment. And the costs to repair and replace these items shrinks by as much as 40%.

Inventory replenishment costs decrease by 30% with self-serve automation

The ACTYLUS Smart Bin system is deployed at the point-of-work to manage items such as small fasteners, C-parts and electrical components used in assembly and manufacturing cells. ACTYLUS virtually eliminates stock outs by automatically alerting the industrial distributor to replenish when the bins reach a preset threshold. Customers report hard and soft cost reductions by as much as 30%.

The Apex Trajectory Cloud

All Apex devices are powered by the Apex Trajectory Cloud platform. The Trajectory Cloud collects and manages data from each solution in real-time, automatically creating reports, monitoring status and alerting managers as warranted. Management can easily access the secure, cloud-based platform through a web portal or mobile app.

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