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Apex to debut two new technologies at IMHX

Apex to debut two new technologies at IMHX

IMHX 2016 will see Apex Supply Chain Technologies (Stand 8C11), a leading global supplier of automated dispensing solutions, debut two major innovations to the logistics sector. Both technologies deliver major operational and commercial benefits to distribution centres.

Actylus Smart Bin Systems will address stock replenishment issues for key consumable items, sending automated alerts and re-order notifications to suppliers and eliminating the need for counting trips, safety stock and emergency orders. Actylus helps keep lines up and running, boosting supply chain productivity and contributing towards profitability.

The Axcess 6100 series Automated Locker Systems are specifically designed to automate the management of handheld electronic devices, including scanners, tablets, smart phones and radio headsets. This makes the Axcess series ideal for distribution centres that increasingly rely on this critical tracking equipment.

Axcess self-service lockers automate check-out and check-in of devices through the use of personalised codes or identification cards and cloud-based software. The Apex Trajectory Cloud platform records who took what, when and where, delivering actionable reports, with details of usage patterns and other insights, leading to increased control and accountability.

Senior Apex representatives will be on-hand to demonstrate these systems and provide insights into optimising operational efficiency in the distribution sector.

Nicole Menkhaus, Senior Marketing Manager – Europe, at Apex commented: “IMHX visitors can see first-hand the benefits these dispensing system innovations can bring to distribution centres. Designed for different applications, both Apex systems bring intelligence to the task of stock management. This technology allows in-house teams to focus on other value-adding activities, without having to worry whether vital items will be available when and where needed. Both systems bring greater control and visibility of stock management, and the associated benefits to the bottom line.”

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