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Antalis Packaging unveils new e-commerce and logistics team

Antalis Packaging unveils new e-commerce and logistics team

As the pace of online shopping continues to revolutionise the retail landscape, Antalis Packaging has created a new team exclusively dedicated to serving the growing demand for cutting-edge packaging solutions from e-commerce and supply chain firms.

Operating out of Antalis’ packaging head office in Coalville, Leicestershire, the new E-Commerce and Logistical Packaging team aims to help firms address the increasingly complex logistical challenges facing the sector using the latest innovations in packaging.

Launched off the back of Antalis’ rising success in this area, which has seen the packaging supplier work with some of the biggest names in the e-commerce and logistics industry in recent years, the new unit will be led by Head of E-commerce and Logistical Packaging, Andrew Smedley.

Andrew, who has been with the business since 2010, has an extraordinary track record of helping retail and supply chain customers make the successful transition from a ‘pallets to parcels’ business model supported via effective packaging.

Working alongside Andrew will be a talented team of packaging experts, including Logistics Packaging Specialist David Niebieszczanski and account managers Stephen Herring and Sarah Freeman, bringing with them a collective 80 years’ experience of the packaging industry.

The team will also draw on Antalis’ vast bank of experts in packaging design, automation and logistics & warehousing, in order to develop innovative solutions designed to maximise the efficiency of the packing process and improve the overall customer experience. This includes recommending packaging that offers maximum product protection while also being easy to return.

At the heart of this approach is the continued roll-out of the ‘Challenge Antalis’ initiative whereby businesses are invited to task the company’s experts  with solving  their packaging problems via a free Smart Audit. For eRetail and supply chain companies, a member of the new e-commerce and logistics team will conduct a thorough audit of their premises and make recommendations to address any issues and improve efficiencies – with some customers seeing their packaging costs reduced by as much as 70% as a direct result.

Andrew Smedley, Head of E-commerce and Logistical Packaging at Antalis, comments: “As the world’s third largest e-commerce industry, the UK has experienced phenomenal growth in online sales over the last decade. Latest figures show that the sector now delivers more than 2.7 billion packages a year – a figure set to rise 20% every year between 2017 and 20211.

“Having worked with some of the UK’s biggest players in e-commerce and logistics in recent years, Antalis has first-hand experience of some of the inherent challenges this ‘brick to clicks’ revolution presents, both for retailers and for the supply chain firms tasked with ensuring products are delivered to customers on time and in perfect condition.

“As such, our dedicated new E-commerce and Logistical Packaging team has been created with one simple purpose – to drive innovation in e-commerce packaging and help new and existing customers thrive during this ongoing transition from a ‘pallets to parcels’ business model.

“For businesses looking to make the most of this bespoke e-commerce service, we’d urge them to challenge Antalis to solve whatever packaging problem they may be facing by requesting their free Smart Audit or contacting one of our experts.”

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