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Announcing The Logistics Report

The Logistics Report
SHD Logistics has announced that this year, the monthly magazine will transform into a new publication, known as The Logistics Report.

For over seven decades, SHD Logistics magazine has been an essential provider of information and guidance to the logistics industry. Throughout this time, the magazine has consistently changed and adapted to align with our audience’s needs. However, much like our industry, the rate of change over the past two years has accelerated.

Those who know the magazine well will have seen the journey from a printed to fully digital publication in recent years. SHD Logistics has always been – and will remain as – a trailblazer, so now it is now time to continue this evolution even further and move away from a magazine format entirely. We see this change as being both positive and innovative.

In place of the traditional monthly magazine, we are extremely excited to announce that SHD Logistics will now produce a series of highly detailed and specialised digital reports. There will be eight reports throughout 2022, each with a central theme carefully selected from current industry trends. The Logistics Report will delve into data analysis, contain invaluable thought leadership from industry experts, and explore the best case studies from within the industry.

Historically, the opening pages of SHD Logistics magazine were packed with industry news, but we feel a better home for this type of content is SHD will still output the same quantity of news, but it will be exclusively available on this website, and the linked social media channels, as well as via The Logistics Podcast.

The Logistics Report will launch in February 2022 with the first edition providing a guide to one of the most prevalent topics in logistics today: Sustainability.

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