Amazon refuses to leave Gourock warehouse

October 10, 2019 by Kirsty Adams
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Amazon refuses to leave Gourock warehouse

Amazon has been told to leave a 300,000 sq ft warehouse at Gourock, near Greenock, but is refusing to budge.

Landlord M7 Real Estate asked Amazon to leave the warehouse when the lease ended on 1st August 2019.

Amazon had been occupying the unit since 2004.

Amazon initially appealed against the end of the lease, saying the landlord hadn’t given them six months’ notice.

Now the Court of Session in Edinburgh has ruled in the landlords’ favour, saying that although it was not exactly six months’ notice from 7 February to 1st August, it was close enough and met the basic requirement of 40 days notice.

The decision leaves the future of the 400 staff at the Gourock fulfilment centre uncertain.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “It’s business as usual for our customers and associates and we will be appealing the court decision.”

You can read the full judgment here


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