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All-in-one camera and tracking solution launched

All-in-one camera and tracking solution launched

Intelligent Telematics has launched an all-in-one 3G vehicle camera and fleet tracking tool that for the first time removes the need to purchase and operate two separate systems.

The integrated solution will help businesses better protect, monitor and manage their fleet operations in the most simple and cost-effective manner.

The IT1000 vehicle camera will now combine high definition video, GPS tracking, three-axis accelerometer and 3G technologies, removing the need for any additional telematics hardware to be fitted. This will be used alongside a web-based interface to provide all the functionality of live vehicle tracking, fleet reporting and forward-facing cameras, enabling companies to boost productivity, achieve efficiencies, improve driver behaviour and protect against avoidable insurance costs.

A detailed reporting package will offer added operational insight across a wide range of fleet data, making it possible to monitor vehicle and driver performance as well automate back-office processes such as private mileage and timesheets.

Meanwhile, a driver behaviour league table, supported by exception reports for speeding, idling and harsh manoeuvring, will allow unsafe driving to be quickly detected and help identify employees that could benefit from added training.

“Every tracking system is essentially a black box that has GPS to provide location and speed, along with an accelerometer that can record movement in three axis,” Explains Nick Plowman, chief technology officer at Intelligent Telematics.

“Therefore, we have recreated what is in a black box in a vehicle camera, so we can combine the functionality of both in a single system. This has enabled us to deliver an all-in-one solution that combines all the benefits of a forward-facing camera and vehicle tracking simply and cost-effectively.”

Intelligent Telematics says the IT 1000 is the most sophisticated and powerful 3G vehicle camera solution currently available in the marketplace. It captures footage of road collisions and harsh driving events along with supporting vehicle data to help mitigate financial and operational risks within a fleet operations by having immediate proof of what really happened. This means companies can benefit from immediate claim intervention, while protecting against crash for cash fraud, bogus whiplash and other fraudulent insurance claims.

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