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Achieve 75% greater throughput with continuous assembly line supply with Kardex Remstar LR 35

Achieve 75% greater throughput with continuous assembly line supply with Kardex Remstar LR 35

To meet today’s need for leaner processes and more flexible production, Kardex developed the LR 35 storage and retrieval solution for small and medium-sized warehouses. Applying the LR 35 Vertical Buffer Module solution to ecommerce, wholesale, industry and electronics etc with a wide range of products, can guarantee just-in-time supply of fully picked assembly kits to keep the assembly process flowing.

The continuous component assembly solution consists of the LR 35 with an ergonomic turntable for order picking, Power Pick Global Smartpick 6000 warehouse management software, and an additional LR 35 used as interim buffer storage with automatic connection to the assembly area. If only a few bin types with standard dimensions are used for storing goods, then the storage volume in the LR 35 units can be optimally utilised in terms of depth and height.

Compared to a mini-load system or static shelving, the footprint of the dense storage system is between 40-60 percent smaller, respectively, providing additional floor space for other revenue generating activities. The bins containing assembly parts picked from the first LR 35 are transported to the assembly area where they are placed into buffer storage in the second LR 35. Conveyor, trolleys or driverless transport systems can be used to transport the goods from the order picking area to the buffer storage area. Software-assisted batch picking saves even more resources when putting together the assembly orders. As soon as a technician requests the fully picked assembly sets they are retrieved by a potential second LR 35. Conveyor technology then ensures just-in-time delivery to the workstations.

Compared to conventional shelving systems, the new assembly buffer solution increases throughput by 75%. To learn more about the LR35 click here or contact Kardex Remstar at [email protected]

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