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Accuracy, mezzanine floors & an industry ripe for disruption

Accuracy, mezzanine floors & an industry ripe for disruption

On 15 September 2016, logistics operations will be recognised for outstanding achievements at the SHD Logistics Awards. We ask three of our panel of Awards judges why Innovation, Warehouse Efficiency and Innovation Technology are important categories in 2016.

SHD Logistics: Why is it important to recognise companies which have implemented technology which has enabled it to significantly improve efficiency, accuracy, communication, productivity, visibility, accountability or profitability?

Lynn Parnell, logistics consultant & founder, Logistics Partners: Logistics companies rely on various software and technology to optimise inventory, increase productivity, track items and improve customer service. These projects can consume huge amounts of time, resource and money; and we have all seen the headlines when these projects have brought disruption rather than the ROI expected. The right technology should bring huge benefits, and early adopters can gain a real competitive advantage. Therefore it is important that when a company experiences measureable success in this area they are given recognition and encouraged to share their experience with their peers.

Lynn is lead judge of the Innovation Technology Category

SHD Logistics: Is it important for companies to improve operations through warehouse reconfiguration in 2016?

Gwynne Richards, author and consultant, Apprise Consulting: Re-configuration of warehouses is certainly required in today’s market as much greater space is allocated to individual pick faces as the number of SKUs increase. Value adding services - labelling, re-packing and adding marketing material continues to grow, taking up valuable floor space. The introduction of mezzanine floors is one potential answer. Companies are having to adjust from pallet and case distribution to individual item picks for home delivery. Once picked, packed and labelled they need to be consolidated with other orders for collection by the courier companies - some pre-sortation of deliveries also needs to take place – all of which takes up space.

Gwynne is lead judge of the Warehouse Efficiency Category

SHD Logistics: Why is it important in 2016, to recognise logistics operations which deploy ‘non-standard’ procedures within their supply chains?

Prof John Manners-Belll, chief executive, Transport Intelligence: The logistics industry cannot ignore the seismic changes which are occurring in the global economy. New technologies have transformed other service sectors, such as hotel and taxis, and systemic inefficiencies within the warehousing and transport industry mean that it is ripe for disruption. Companies which do not innovate will rapidly lose out as existing competitors and new market entrants erode their market position. ‘Business as usual’ in 2016 is increasingly not an option.

John is lead judge of the Innovation Category

Entry to the Awards is now closed. To book your tabel visit or call Joel Martin on +44 (0)20 7017 6991.

Venue:    The Vox Centre, Resorts World Birmingham
Date:       Thursday the 15th of September 2016
Time:       6.30pm
Price:      Table of ten £2,295 + VAT
Contact:  [email protected] or call 020 7017 7122

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