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7 FAQs on entry to the SHD Logistics Awards

7 FAQs on entry to the SHD Logistics Awards

Entries to the SHD Logistics Awards have been strong so far, and some interesting questions have also been raised. Here's seven FAQs on the SHD Logistics Awards. Entry deadline: 28th November 2014.

1. Has the deadline gone?

No it hasn't. The deadline is the 28th of November. Hopefully at this point, you have already written your entry, someone has checked it includes the relevant figures, to ensure our panel of experts can judge exactly how your operations have improved. (Numbers which show improvement in: picking accuracy, carbon reduction, increase in SKUS/profit/investment - against last year - should be included).

2. I'm a supplier, can I enter?

The Awards focus on operational excellence, not on product. However, we do recognise that products and services supplied to the warehouse and logistics industy, are integral to operational excellence. Suppliers may enter with a client, providing the entry focuses on operations. Did we mention the Awards focus on operations? Operations...

3. Do we have to pay to enter?

Not a penny.

4. I want to edit my entry, how do I do it?

If you want to edit the entry you have submitted, you can't. You simply need to enter it again. We will delete the original entry. Please notify us that you have re-submitted the entry by emailing [email protected]

5. There are certain extracts from our entry which we don't want published. Do we have any control over this?

Good question. We reserve the right to publish extracts from your entry for publishing purposes, however, once finalists are announced, we will contact them to confirm they are happy for us to do so. We're nice like that.

6. Can you take a look at our entry before the 28th of November?

Absolutely. Please send them to [email protected]

7. What are the judges looking for?

Last year, our favourite judges comment was: " Isn't that just their job?". Your entry needs to show oustanding achievements - not just day-to-day operations.

Good luck!


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