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The 2018 Logistics Awards location: Shakespeare’s Globe

The 2018 Logistics Awards location: Shakespeare’s Globe

This year’s edition of The Logistics Awards will be held at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe on Thursday 20th September.

The fifth annual awards gala will celebrate the best logistics projects over the past 12 months at the historic venue along London’s South Bank.

The Globe stands a few hundred yards from its original site. The rebuilding of the iconic building stems from the founding of the Shakespeare's Globe Trust. The rebuild project, led by American actor, director and producer Sam Wanamaker, was completed in 1997.

Techniques used in the reconstruction of the theatre were painstakingly accurate. ‘Green’ oak was cut and fashioned according to 16th-century practice and assembled in two-dimensional bays on the Bankside site; oak laths and staves support lime plaster mixed according to a contemporary recipe and the walls are covered in a white lime wash. The roof is made of water reed thatch, based on samples found during the excavation.

This picturesque location will hold around 350 logisticians and representatives in the industry; most of them waiting to find out whether they have won one of the 14 awards categories on offer, which include Operations (sponsored by Toyota Material Handling UK), Growth, Innovation (sponsored by Continental Tyres) and Safety (sponsored by Mentor) awards categories. The announcement of this year's finalists will be made on Thursday 21st June.

To enquire about how to book a table for this year's awards, please click here or please contact Christine Attew or Joel Martin using the contact information below.

Joel Martin
E: [email protected]
T:  +44 (0)20 7017 6991

Christine Attew
E: [email protected]
T: +44(0)20 7017 7124


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