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Marketing Solutions

Discover how you can reach logistics and supply chain professionals all year round with SHD Logistics

SHD Logistics presents the ideal platform from which to promote your brand and communicate your key marketing messages to a qualified audience of logistics and supply chain industry professionals.

Working with us, you can position your organisation as an industry leader and demonstrate your thought leadership by making sure your messaging is going to the right people and that you generate valuable leads.
Take advantage of one of our promotional opportunities and discover how you can maximise your return on your marketing investment.

Your business objectives. Our Products and Solutions.

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Content Marketing

Showcase your product or service in front of our actively engaged audience with our available advertising options:

  • Website Banners   
  • In-article Video 
  • Newsletter Banners 
  • Advertising in The Logistics Report

Extend your lead generation and promote your brand as a thought leader in the logistics industry by distributing your content across the SHD logistics network.

  • Sponsored Content 
  • Whitepaper Distribution
  • Video Hosting and Promotion
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Intent Based Marketing

Webinar & Podcast Production

Maximise your ROI and expand your reach with intent driven marketing campaigns. Our expert team will help you to develop and reach the relevant audience. 

  • Retargeting  
  • Intent Based Marketing  
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Build brand and product awareness through powerful, engaging content that generates high-volume, targeted leads.

  • Custom Webinar 
  • Editorial Podcast – Monthly & Quarterly 
  • Custom Podcast 


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If you'd like to start generating leads and brand awareness, get in touch with our team and we’d happy to help you select the best solution based on your business objectives, budget and strategy.