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The Logistics Awards winners announced

Logistics Awards.png
11 winners across categories ranging from technology, environment and future skills. Find out who won!

Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond is a new category for this year. While all companies have had to react to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly as the logistics industry has played such an invaluable role, we were looking for a company which has gone the extra mile to manage, adapt and serve its community during this time.

The judge for this category is Gwynne Richards - MBA, FCILT, MIC. Gwynne is a logistics professional with over 35 years’ experience within logistics and supply chain management.

The winner of the Above & Beyond Award is Hermes!

Above & Beyond.png

Congratulations to The Royal Mail for its position as runner up in this category!



At present, there is no question that environmental sustainability is at the forefront of logisticians’ mindsets. For this reason, all entrants across all categories during this year’s awards were required to include a short statement about their environmental efforts to qualify, but we felt it best to continue to provide a dedicated, fully-fledged award for those who have surpassed all expectations in this area. Criteria for judging inlcluded showing evidence of measurable improvement in carbon reduction and/or a demonstration of efficient renewable energy use.

Our judge for this category is Samir Dani, Professor of Operations Management and Deputy Director of Keele Business School.

The winner of the Environment Award is Cottage Farms with BYD Forklifts!

Environment Award.png

Congratulations also to Menzies Distribution, who is the runner up in this category.


Future Skills

The criteria for the Future Skills award included providing evidence of an education or training programme focused on a logistics operation, and required entrants to demonstrate how a particular scheme has (or will) develop the next generation of logistics operators.

The judge for this category is SHD Logistics contributor, consultant and Principal of Aricia Limited - Kirsten Tisdale - FCILT.

The winner of the Future Skills Award is Gist!

Future Skills.png

PD Ports was selected as the runner up for this category – congratulations!



The Growth Award aims to identify a company which shows significant, profitable growth within its sector, whether that be by altering business structure, showing strong strategic leadership or collaborating with another party.

New to the panel this year, Mike Vernon, logistics consultant and Director at Logicon Solutions Limited, judged this category.

The winner of the Growth Award is Huboo!

Growth Award.png

Congratulations to Miniclipper for being the runner up in this category!



Entrants to the Innovation category were required to show measurable improvement in areas such as efficiency, accuracy, and/or productivity as a result of the deployment of a process, product or procedure that could be classified as untraditional, unique, or disruptive within the supply chain.

The judge for the Innovation category is Neil Ashworth, IoC fellow and Director, Delivery Channels.

The winners of the Innovation Award are RTITB & MA-System!


Neil would like to give a special mention to the runners up in this category, Superdry with Hikrobot/Invar Systems.


New Facility

In previous iterations of The Logistics Awards, the New Facility Award has been separated into a small facility (under 150,000 sq ft) category and large facility (over 150,000 sq ft) category, but has now been combined into one impartial, (yet more competitive than ever) category. The criteria requires entrants to provide evidence of a new warehouse or distribution centre which became fully operational within a tight deadline or budget constraint, or showed particularly effective use of limited space.

Kirsten Tisdale is the judge for this category.

The winners of the New Facility Award are Unipart Logistics & NHS Supply Chain!  

New Facility.png

Well done to Arco, who landed the runner up position in this category.



The winner of this category is required to show off an operation that's flexible, future-proof, clean, efficient, and reactive. The Operations Award has historically been split up into operations large (>500 employees) and operations small (<500 employees), but is now combined.

The judge for this category is Professor John Manners-Bell, CEO of Transport Intelligence.

The winner of the Operations Award is Pladis!

Operations Award.png

A special mention goes to Marks & Spencer for coming runner up in this category. Congratulations!



The Safety Award winner must show evidence of how a change of culture, equipment or practice has improved safety, and use supporting data where applicable to back up the entry.

HSE’s Kanwal Kanda, Head of Transport Sector in the Transport and Public Services Unit, is the judge for this category, and is an undeniable authority on the topic of safety in logistics.

The winner of the Safety Award is Wincanton

Safety Award.png

Yodel earned itself the position of runner up in the Safety category. Congratulations!


Technology Transformation

Entrants to this category will need to demonstration that a change in technology has brought tangible ROI. The Technology Transformation Award has historically been split up into operations large (>500 employees) and operations SME (<500 employees), but is now combined.

Mike Vernon is the judge for this category.

The winner of the Technology Transformation Award is Superdry with Hikrobot/Invar Systems!

Technology Award.png

Congratulations to Leidos for coming highly commended as the runner up in the Technology Transformation category!


Warehouse Efficiency

The Warehouse Efficiency Award is awarded to a company which can best show improvement in operations through the implementation of new equipment, including the integration of automation or robotics.

The judge for this category is Gwynne Richards.

The winner of the Warehouse Efficiency Award is SEC Storage!


Superdry with Hikrobot/Invar Systems achieves a second runner up position in the awards for this category!



A particularly valuable area for logistics businesses to be focussing on during the pandemic, the Well-being category winner is a company that has taken preventative approach to work-related stress or a pro-active strategy to ensure staff well-being, improving health and happiness across the board.

The judge for this category is Ruth Edwards, business development director at Talent in Logistics. Ruth is a reliable authority on the topic, backed up by a series of columns on SHD on all things HR and workplace well-being.

The winner of the Well-being Award is Co-op

Well-being award.png

The runner up is Palletways, with its entry titled: Starting a mental health revolution: the first year of Palletways' Wellbeing Champions. Congratulations!


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