Safetember 2016 issue of SHD Logistics

September is Safetember, the Fork Lift Truck Association’s offi cial Safety Month and perhaps the most important 30 days of the year for you and your colleagues.

On average, more than three people are hospitalised every day as a result of a serious fork lift truck accident. Yet these incidents are anything but “everyday” for those involved: they change your life in an instant.

Think about it: three people a day. If we not do act together as an industry to buck this trend, how long will it be until tragedy strikes your workplace and one of your colleagues loses a limb because a 2.5 tonne solid tyre fork lift truck shattered their shinbone?

According to the Health and Safety Executive’s own statistics, we work alongside the most dangerous form of workplace transport in the country: lift trucks injure more people every year than even HGVs or LGVs.

And with more than one million people in the UK working with or alongside fork trucks, the scale of the issue is signifi cant. In this context, focusing intently on fork lift truck safety for 30 days does not sound too much to ask; we should really focus on it every day

Peter Harvey
Chief Executive
Fork Lift Truck Association

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