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Yodel invests £15.2m in turning the last mile green

SHD Logistics spoke with Yodel’s chief operating officer, Carl Moore, to find out more about its recent £15.2m investment in a ‘green last mile’.

James Burman (JB): Why such a large investment, and why now? 

Carl Moore (CM): As a key operator in the logistics sector we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. The recent investment included new green vehicles, trailers and technology to increase efficiency and safety, and is part of a wider plan for Yodel to reduce carbon emission. We have already seen a 12% reduction of our carbon emissions between 2016-2019 and we are committed to reducing them even further in the future. 

JB: Could you tell us more about the bicycle courier initiative? 

CM: We have been working with bicycle couriers for almost ten years to deliver parcels in central Oxford, Leeds, Stevenage, Hereford and Brighton. Deliveries made by bicycle have a lower carbon footprint while helping to reduce congestion on the roads. We’re looking to expand this service into all major urban cities within the UK.  

JB: Pick Up/Drop Off (PUDO) services are becoming more common. How has Yodel’s CollectPlus service helped to improve environmental sustainability? 

CM: With more than 22,000 customers collecting a parcel from a CollectPlus point every day, the service is already driving more environmentally friendly behaviours. Through our network of over 7,000 CollectPlus Points, we give customers the opportunity to combine their deliveries and returns, which means fewer collection trips and deliveries. The service also helps minimise congestion and pollution by consolidating deliveries, especially in urban areas where collections can be made on foot. 

JB: What is next for Yodel in the fight for ‘a green last mile’? 

CM: Alongside our green fleet investments, we have also invested in Microlise technology for all of our tractor units and trailers. The software monitors factors such as speed, location and road traffic levels which are sent to our business control tower, where the data is evaluated. Our drivers also use tablet devices to optimise their performance. Yodel has already seen a 7% improvement in fuel efficiency since the introduction of the technology. 

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