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Rhenus in Lutterworth celebrates one-year anniversary

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To mark the first anniversary of its rebranding from CML to Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth in Leicestershire, Managing Director Kerry Delaney has provided key insights into future growth plans, current projects and recent successes of the global third-party logistics provider.

Kerry Delaney, Managing Director at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth.jpgJames Burman (JB): Please provide an introduction to Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth.

Kerry Delaney (KD): Based on Magna Park in Leicestershire, we provide warehousing and distribution services predominantly within the retail sector and have over 30 years of experience working with many high-profile brands within our customer portfolio.

On 30 July, we will celebrate our one-year official anniversary of our rebrand from CML to Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth, part of the international Rhenus Group. We have lots of activities planned for our employees to enjoy and commemorate this special occasion.

JB: What services does Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth offer?

KD: Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth offers a comprehensive range of warehousing and distribution services to support retail, wholesale and e-commerce customers. Ranging from receiving inbound stock and storage, picking and packing orders, to despatching and final mile delivery management. Additionally, we offer both pre- and post-sale Value- Added Services to rework products or process returns. All of our services provide a critical link in the supply chain for both B2B and B2C customers alike.

Rhenus - One-year anniversary interview - graphic.png

JB: With fashion a key sector for Rhenus in the UK, how do you stand out from your competitors?

KD: Our long-standing 20-year partnership with Marks & Spencer is testament to the quality of service we provide. Handling an excess of 150 million fashion items per annum demonstrates that we understand our customers and are able to provide the necessary flexibility and expertise within the industry. We also have a proven track record with many other well-known (premium) fashion brands. We build long-term partnerships with our customers, and not just offer a ‘paid-for service’; this is what makes us different from other contract logistics providers.

JB: What is Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth’s plans for growth in the future?

KD: We have some very exciting news to announce shortly regarding our future growth plans, including the next step in our journey which will see us consolidate our four existing warehouses into one state-of-the-art warehouse facility. The plan is to double the size of our business within the next five years and invest significantly into automation and innovation.

JB: What is Rhenus doing to improve sustainability?

KD: As part of our five-year strategic plan, we have built in sustainability criteria for our warehouse building specifications. This means that by 2026, we will be carbon neutral, which we will achieve through investment into photovoltaic power generation and carbon efficient lighting and heating systems.

JB: How does the logistics industry have to position itself to be prepared for the future?

KD: The logistics industry is more competitive now than it has ever been. The demand for online shopping and e-commerce logistics is at an all-time high which has led to a significant shortage of warehouse space and warehousing employees in the UK. This means that logistics companies (including ourselves) need to think differently about how we run our operations in order to maximise space and labour efficiency. Our five-year strategic plan to invest smartly and significantly into new technologies and automation will allow us to address these challenges.

JB: What opportunities does Rhenus offer to new employees?

KD: Our recruitment policy is to try and promote from within wherever possible so that we can always offer career progression opportunities for our existing employees. This is significantly important to us as it maintains high levels of motivation and accountability. Existing employees who are identified as high potential and who have expressed a wish to further develop their career will receive a Development Plan and any identified skills gaps are addressed with training and learning opportunities.

New employees joining us externally can look forward to our fantastic employee benefits which include free gym membership, free employee assistance program and birthday holiday with gift box, plus all year-round employee engagement activities, including free prize draws and employee of the month awards!

JB: What were your success factors to achieving your personal career goal?

KD: I worked hard, put the hours in and stepped outside my comfort zone many, many times! Most importantly, I stuck with ‘who I am’ and have always acted with integrity.

Even faced with the most difficult challenges of my career, I did what I thought was the right thing, always putting the needs of the team first and my personal needs second.

JB: What will be different in your field of work in five years’ time than today?

KD: We will be working from a purpose-built, state-of-the-art, carbon neutral warehouse with the latest technologies, automation and innovation. I definitely expect to see our people working alongside robots as one big team!

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