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Still to come at IMHX Connect...

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After a successful start to the week, IMHX Connect enters day three. Presentations for the rest of the event will cover topics including sustainability, supply chain and people.

Here, we list the remainder week's sessions - 15-17th September. For full agenda details, including more information about the sessions, speakers and timings, sign up to IMHX Connect now.

Day 3 - Sustainability - 15th September

Bicycles in health: connecting rural communities to essential health services - Kim Van der Weijde, Transaid

Supply Chain 2035: Preparation for a New Better? - Richard Wilding, Cranfield University

18 months of crisis and its impact on the future cold chain - Tom Southall, Cold Chain Federation

Roundtable: Future-proofing operations through sustainability initiatives

Introduction to UKMHA: supporting the fork lift industry in 2021 and beyond

Butterfly effect benefits: achieving unrivalled efficiencies throughout supply chains through sustainable wine packaging innovation - Amelia Dales, Garçon Wines

Automation Technology for today's warehouse operation

Roundtable: AMHSA


Day 4 - Supply Chain -16th September

Creating space in the warehouse - Gwynne Richards, Apprise Consulting

Reflections on 2020 and the future of supply chains - James Turpin, NHS Supply Chain

Leadership for next generation supply chains - Richard Wilding, Cranfield University

Roundtable: Nurturing an adaptable warehouse

Managing supply chain fragility - Peter Ward

Thorough Examination of materials handling equipment: why all inspections aren’t equal - Matthew Kennedy, Consolidated Forklift Truck Services

Improve warehouse efficiency with powerful, adaptable and scalable solutions - Locus Robotics

The warehouse property market: how the supply/demand imbalance will impact the supply chain - Kevin Mofid, Savills


Day 5 - People - 17th September

Forklift accidents: 7 common causes, one theme - Stuart Taylor, Mentor FLT Training

Growing our own warehouse talent - Thea Cooper, Unseen UK

Roundtable: working with and inspiring the next generation: a Yusen Logistics case study

Practical Examples of how to deal with Mental Health in the Workplace - Barbour

Engineering Recruitment – Hire the person, not the CV - Stewart Jackson, ATA Recruitment

Supporting ex-military personnel into employment - Darren Wright, Veterans into Logistics

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