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ASG Services looks to capitalise on new opportunities following positive IMHX Connect

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ASG Services, a leading warehouse labelling and integrated safety solutions supplier, is targeting fresh growth after enjoying a positive response to its participation in the virtual trade show, IMHX Connect.

Kingspan KPSRAIL-B Pedestrian Protection.jpgThe company said it was delighted with the response it had received from its involvement in the virtual event and was looking to build on the leads it had generated from the show.

Chris Hopkirk, Sales Director, ASG Services said: “We are delighted that we agreed to participate in the IMHX Connect event. Despite the virtual nature of the trade show, the platform it provided for us was very good and helped to generate a significant number of positive leads which we are in the process of developing.”

Chief amongst the products the company will be promoting is the Kingspan SafeDefence Barrier Protection System. The system comprises a range of products designed to protect warehouse personnel, building structures and valuable stock from accident damage caused by impacts from material handling equipment. The system is reliant on a high-performance synthetic polymer that flexes on impact to safely absorb kinetic energy.

ASG Services has described the technology as a ‘game changer’ for the warehousing industry and one that will revolutionise safety solutions for the modern warehouse.

The versatile system adds a new string to ASG Services’ bow and one that has enabled it to tap into markets previously not available.

These include the property and construction sectors, where Kingspan is already a widely recognised and respected brand thanks to its high-performance insulation and building envelope solutions. The practicalities of the SafeDefence Barrier Protection System are also enabling ASG Services to stretch its product offering to the frozen and cold storage sector.

The latter is particularly significant as it means ASG Services can now supply complete safety solutions to the cold storage sector. In addition to the Kingspan SafeDefence Barrier Protection System, the company can also supply solutions such as its SilverBack racking labels and UV line marking – both of which are designed to operate in chilled environments.

The unique silver coating used on the SilverBack labels is 100% opaque allowing for easy re-labelling over older labels and with no show through, 100% scannability is guaranteed on all SilverBack labels for the lifetime of the product. The tough 100mic material is thicker than standard, which makes SilverBack labels more durable than polyester, and the added robustness means the labels can be applied at temperatures down to -30°C, while they remain effective down to -50°C.

Chris Hopkirk, Sales Director, ASG Services, said: “Operators know that downtime costs them money. Therefore, we have designed our solutions to minimise any downtime. In chilled environments, our instant floor coatings bring the evolutionary benefits of UV technology to the warehouse floor, delivering an immediate cure that allows operators to return to normal operations– even heavy fork lift traffic – in just hours instead of days.

“The benefits of this are that the coatings dry instantly, have zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) making them ideal for food environments, are NSF-certified food safe, skid and tyre-mark resistant, chemical and stain-resistant, guaranteed non-flammable and can be applied in chillers or freezers with temperatures as low as -26°C.”

But the range of products supplied by ASG Services are intended to benefit the entire warehousing sector.

The Kingspan SafeDefence Protection Systems comprise a range of products designed to protect warehouse personnel, building structures and valuable stock from accident damage caused by impacts from material handling equipment. The system is reliant on a high-performance synthetic polymer that flexes on impact to safely absorb kinetic energy.

In recognition of its standing within the warehousing sector, ASG Services is now a registered Kingspan Protection Systems Partner. The badge of honour is being displayed prominently on the ASG website and other material related to the new systems.

The versatile SafeDefence Protection Systems' range includes posts, rails, barriers, goalposts and gates. The system can be installed in new-build warehouses or retrofitted to older facilities, and the system comes complete with a full warranty from Kingspan. 

The products are manufactured from solid high-performance synthetic polymer, or a flexible protection technology known as FLEXsafe. All the products are located and installed independent of the elements to be protected, removing the risk of damage from impact transmission.

The special polymer technology used to manufacture the product means it will last longer compared with other protection systems, poses fewer problems for installation and ensures concrete surfaces will not be damaged. The longevity of the system offers a good return on investment and will maintain the safety of people and assets for much longer.

ASG Services will be hosting a webinar dedicated to the Kingspan product on Wednesday 1st December. The online session will highlight all the benefits of the system to users.

ASG Services has been supplying physical barriers, line marking, safety signage and labelling to warehouse operators as part of its core services for 25 years. By working in close collaboration with its customers, ASG Services helps them to understand which safety solution is best for their needs.

For further information on ASG Services, visit

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