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GXO welcomes 22nd Down Syndrome recruit

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GXO Logistics recently welcomed its 22nd Down Syndrome hire in conjunction with the Down Syndrome Association’s (DSA) WorkFit programme.

GXO, through its long‑term partnership with the Down Syndrome Association’s (DSA) WorkFit programme, is continuing to expand its commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging and expects to welcome more hires to the programme in 2022.

“At GXO, we take pride in creating a workplace where our employees feel they belong and can succeed,” said Gavin Williams, Managing Director, GXO UK and Ireland. “We believe different skill sets and different perspectives enhance how we deliver value to our customers. We’re extremely proud to be part of such a rewarding partnership, which has a lasting impact on all our employees. The individuals who are part of the career development programme are outstanding team members, and we value their contributions immensely.”

GXO is recognised as a leading WorkFit employer-partner, and based on the success of the WorkFit programme, GXO Senior HR Business Partner and Diversity and Inclusion Champion Cathy Earnshaw-Balding has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the World Down Syndrome Congress 18‑21 November 2021.

The GXO and WorkFit partnership creates career development opportunities that are tailored to provide fulfilling employment to individuals with Down Syndrome. Through the WorkFit programme, all GXO employees become familiar with the learning profile of people who have Down Syndrome so they can best support those colleagues in the workplace. The goal of the programme is to match individuals who have unique needs to employment opportunities in suitable work environments.

Jack Lee, GXO warehouse operative and DSA WorkFit recruit, said, “I really enjoy working at GXO because there is good training and I meet new people. I get on really well with my workmates, and they encourage me. It makes me feel good when I tell people that I have a job. I absolutely love it!”

Alison Thwaite, Employment Development Manager, DSA WorkFit, said, “The Down Syndrome Association is delighted that our partnership with GXO is going from strength to strength in developing meaningful and sustainable job opportunities for people who have Down Syndrome through the WorkFit programme. Since July 2018, GXO has worked with us to develop 22 jobs, with many more currently in development. The roles are varied and are at locations across England, and the support from GXO is consistent and unwavering. Every team in every location has shown a fantastic commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging in their workplace, and their colleagues with Down Syndrome are in roles that ensure that they feel proud to be part of the team. A number of sites have recruited several new colleagues through WorkFit with overwhelmingly positive outcomes for GXO and its other employees.”

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