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Attracting the next generation of warehouse workers with gamification

DA gamification could revolutionise engagement. Voiteq claims the latest addition to its portfolio will transform the way your warehousing workforce performs. Here’s how.

Competition for talent in today’s warehouse has never been greater and the workers we rely on to fulfil our orders are demanding more. Solving complex logistics solutions is what Voiteq does best, and now it’s developed its own Data Analysis Business Intelligence (BI) tool, bringing DA gamification to the millennial workforce. 
75% of the global workforce by 2025 will be made up of millennials – a generation that grew up on computers and video games. Hence, gamification in the workplace will find wider appeal with millennial employees.  
As digital natives, the logistics workforce want to experience and feel part of the brand. They want to be engaged and are no longer passive consumers of technology – they expect technology to work alongside and support them as they carry out their daily tasks. Voice technology in warehouses offers a hands-free, eyes-free, safer way to work, bringing significant productivity and accuracy gains. Using the data collected for each voice pick, it is now possible to combine the data with gamification technology to motivate staff, enhance the workforce performance and drive better business results. 

Consumer-grade user experience

The concept of gamification is already being used by various consumer products. Fitbits tell us to move more, Waze analyses real-time data working out the quickest route to take, whilst Audible books reward us, the more we read. DA gamification brings a consumer-grade user experience to business software and, not only engages and motivates warehouse staff, but translates this increased engagement into tangible productivity and accuracy gains whilst boosting staff morale. 
“Operations are being challenged with increasing expectations from today’s workforce to stay ahead of the game and keep them engaged. We see DA gamification as an excellent means for attracting the very best young talent into logistics. It drives tangible benefits of increased engagement up to 10%, improved productivity, along with a highly motivated workforce and delivers real results,” explains Matt Gregory, sales director at Voiteq. 
Offering game-design elements to real world activities, DA gamification introduces league tables, point scoring and badge achievements – all designed to increase engagement and give a better experience to the end user. With short feedback loops to show progress and reward, this latest data-rich module keeps staff motivation going along with promoting a mindset of constant achievement and continuous improvement. 
In a typical UK operation, a 1% productivity increase can save an operation 2.5 days of working time per year. Gamification studies are showing anywhere between 5 to 10% engagement increases per year and Voiteq predicts that by realising this in a picking process, it could save operations between 12.5 and 25 days per year – giving an instant ROI. 
Engagement is key. Now is the time to motivate and increase productivity with DA gamification. 

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