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Linde Materials Handling launches new electric 10 to 18-tonne forklift range

Material handling solutions provider Linde has unveiled a new range of electric heavy trucks in response to the rising cost of diesel fuel and new restrictions on the use of red diesel in the UK.

Linde’s new E100 – E180 electric heavy forklift trucks are available with lithium-ion or lead acid batteries. That extra flexibility means that customers pay only for the technology they need, reducing the cost of moving to an electric fleet.

The new range offers a lift capacity of 10 to 18 tonnes with a variety of lift masts and attachments and can operate at speeds of up to 25kph, making them suitable for most heavy applications.

They have become an even more attractive option for UK users since the government’s decision to roll back the longstanding rebate on red diesel for all but a few sectors from April 2022. The estimated cost increase is around 47p per litre.

For businesses who have come to rely on this historic subsidy, this poses a difficult question. Do they continue to use their existing fleet and take the hit of the increased cost of diesel – or pay a premium to switch over to EVs?

Until recently, EVs have not been suited to some heavier applications. Many vehicles are also needed for longer shifts where there is not always time for ‘opportunity charging’ of their lithium-ion batteries.

Manu Patel, Heavy Trucks Specialist at Linde Materials Handling, says: “The new Linde range addresses a lot of historic concerns around EV for heavy applications.

“Users will also benefit from lower levels of noise and no exhaust emissions. For businesses who have been used to diesel vehicles, going electric can have the bonus of dramatically improving the working environment.”

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