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Electric pallet trucks in new range from Linde

Linde has unveiled a new range of compact electric pallet trucks, designed especially to prioritise comfort and safety.

The new electric pallet trucks from Linde can be equipped with a range of battery solutions and have the option of sensor-based foot protection, allowing better and safer manoeuvring in tight spaces.

The T14 model is primarily for tight corners where its compact lithium-ion battery is important while the more powerful Linde T16 and T18 models, with 1.6 and 1.8-ton capacities and a choice of lithium-ion or lead acid batteries, are intended for more intensive applications. The Linde T20 model is suited to the more demanding tasks in industrial production.

The most obvious change in design is the significantly shorter chassis of the Linde T14 and T16, achieved by incorporating a new, more compact lithium-ion battery.Electric pallet trucks are safer than ever

The electric pallet trucks’ reduced chassis length (429 mm) makes them more manoeuvrable, and better suited for moving goods in narrow aisles or in the back of delivery vehicles. With the option of an integrated charger, intermediate charging can be carried out at any power outlet or in the back of delivery vehicles.

Electric pallet trucks are among the most widely used trucks for transporting pallets or other forklift-accessible loads over short-to-medium distances.

Safety is key in the design of electric pallet trucks

Linde designers have placed particular emphasis on operating comfort and safety in designing the T14 – T20 range of electric pallet trucks. Thanks to the long, low-mounted tiller, the operator is always at a safe distance from the truck during loading and transporting operations whilst the safety reversing head protects the operator in tight corners.

Truck speed automatically adjusts to the tiller position and, when the operator releases the tiller, automatic electric braking automatically stops the truck. An optional creep speed function provides additional control in tight corners by allowing manoeuvring with the tiller vertical, normally one of the braking zones.

An optional ‘smart bumper’ – a rubber sleeve with sensors on the rear of the chassis – detects even the lightest foot contact and shuts the truck down. This eliminates the risk of the operator’s feet being trapped under the chassis when working close to the truck.

The operator’s hands are protected by the specially shaped tiller head that surrounds and protects the hand and fingers whilst providing enough space for operators wearing cold store gloves. All controls on the ergonomically optimised tiller head can be operated by either hand.

A multifunction display provides the operator with all relevant information regarding operating hours, battery and maintenance status.

The low chassis and rounded battery cover ensure a clear view of the fork tips at all times and the option of special load wheels keeps vehicle noise below the critical limit of 60 decibels, allowing use in urban areas at night. Special shock absorbers on the adjustable castor wheels compensate for shocks and vibrations. A load backrest option protects the operator and provides convenient mounting points for ancilliary equipment such as scanners or radio data terminals.

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