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Spaciotempo help drive efficiency for Farrell Transport

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Farrell Transport reached out to Spaciotempo to explore options for a new permanent loading canopy.

As part of the Pallet-Track network, Farrell Transport's Staunton transport hub is often a hive of activity, and the pressure is on to get an increasing volume of double-deck trailers, loaded and out again, as quickly and effectively as possible.

With 30 years’ haulage experience, Nottinghamshire-based company is a provider of high-quality pallet distribution and warehousing solutions.

A desire to accommodate more freight, and streamline operations to make them more efficient, led Farrell Transport to get in touch with Spaciotempo to explore options for a new permanent loading canopy.

A key driver was the ability to future proof operations to allow for growth, and to accommodate as many trailers as necessary, under cover and protected from the elements while they were loaded.

Spaciotempo’s solution is a cost-efficient 40m span canopy, from its Oxygen range, with a distinctive curved roof. Aside from pure aesthetics, this feature has very practical benefits. The clear span it affords, allows trailers to be manoeuvred easily, without the need to navigate around inconvenient upright supports. It also boasts an integrated secure storage facility, allowing goods to be stored immediately adjacent to the loading operations for quick and easy loading, saving yet more time.

Bob Farrell, director at Farrell Transport commented, “Being able to complete trans-shipments protected from the elements is key to the proper handling of our pallet network and direct customers’ freight. This new canopy has almost doubled our capability, allowing us to offer the highest standard of care to all our freight, today, and for many years to come.”

From start to finish, installation of the Spaciotempo canopy took under three weeks, enabling Farrell to start using the facility less than a month after the project began.


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