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Warehouse or Storefront?: Webinar speaker Q&A

SHD Webinar Cognex Speaker Q&A Piers Quarry
Ahead of the 'Warehouse or Storefront? Refine your Distribution Center for the E-Commerce Boom' webinar, hosted by SHD and Cognex, we speak to Piers Quarry, Logistics Field Product Marketing Manager at Cognex.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces more and more brick-and-mortar retailers to dive deeper into e-commerce, many are finding their DCs unable to efficiently handle the switch from pallet or carton scanning to fulfilling single-item orders.

Using XPO Logistics as a case study, thiss webinar will cover how some simple tech upgrades can help businesses of all sizes adapt their warehouse operations to capitalise on the spike in online shopping.

James Burman (JB): Piers, please could you tell me a bit about Cognex’s partnership with XPO, how did it come about, and why is it a good fit?

Piers Quarry.pngPiers Quarry (PQ): Cognex has provided logistics solutions to XPO for a good number of years, however it’s been in the last 3 years that we’ve really seen our companies working closer together. In these more recent projects we’ve discovered that both Cognex and XPO like to use innovation to ensure that they’re leading their respective fields, so when XPO requests a solution to solve a particular application, or Cognex suggests a new type of technology to solve a problem, both companies are very good at rolling up their sleeves to evaluate the opportunity and roll it out - culturally this makes us a great fit.

JB: Why now, more than ever, are we at such a key time to refine DCs?

PQ: I think we’d all agree that recent times have been turbulent and exaggerated some of the traditional challenges faced by today’s supply chains as well as introducing new ones, however there have been companies that succeed in this environment - that have not only been able to manage but have also come out stronger and with more market share than before. The one thing that all of these companies have in common is a drive to either optimise, invest in or change their processes to suit the market demands. I think this has always been true but it’s today’s environment that has acted like a catalyst to these effects.

The webinar is taking place on Tuesday 11th May at 2PM BST. Register for free today.

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