Tesco partners with Transfesa Logistics

This month Transfesa Logistics begins a new express rail service to the UK with refrigerated containers.

Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the country, has partnered with Transfesa Logistics to transport fruit and vegetable products from Spain to the UK.

In this first stage, we will be transporting fifteen loads weekly from the Almussafes rail terminal (Valencia) to the Barking rail terminal (UK). Barking rail terminal is operated by DB Cargo (the group to which Transfesa Logistics belongs) and is a strategic location in the South East of the country. On this route, the wagons pass through the Transfesa axle changing facility at the Cerbère to adapt, through a simple and quick operation, the exchange of axles to UIC gauge. The operation will be reviewed weekly and monthly, and volume may expand depending on the performance the customer as set to achieve.

Transfesa Logistics has established a new departure time for the express service, which will be at 8 pm in the evening. This way, the fresh produce can be collected on the same day of the departure and the food’s maximum quality is guaranteed. In addition to this, the corresponding permits have been requested to increase the weight of the cargo to be transported on high-speed line in the UK. The ultimate goal is to maximise transit time and provide ample loading times per unit.

Transfesa Logistics has extensive experience having delivered good to the UK for the last twenty-six years.

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