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Ministers and MPs join UK Cold Chain to celebrate industry’s heroic pandemic work

Cold Chain members joined Ministers and MPs in the House of Commons on 10th May for a celebration of the industry's heroic achievements during the pandemic.

The reception, hosted by Andrew Jones (MP for Harrogate & Knaresborough) on behalf of the Cold Chain Federation, not only recognised the successes of the cold chain pandemic work, including keeping the nation fed and delivering the vaccines, but also created a crucial opportunity for the industry to talk with politicians about the vital role cold chain businesses will play in meeting the challenges and opportunities ahead for the UK economy.

"Extraordinary flexibility and dedication" shown in cold chain pandemic work

Victoria Prentis MP, Minister at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), showed the government’s appreciation for people working in the coldDefra Minister, Victoria Prentis, addressing guests chain when she addressed the reception: “Your industry is critically important to absolutely everyone, and that’s become all the more important throughout the pandemic. The cold chain has shown extraordinary flexibility and dedication. The industry dealt with every challenge that it faced and we look forward to continuing to work alongside you.”

Andrew Jones MP said: “I am delighted to host this celebration of the cold chain industry, its people and organisations, and all that it has achieved during the pandemic. If this industry did not function in an efficient, high quality way our nation would grind to a halt. It also has a huge role in the challenges facing us, particularly food waste and carbon reduction.” 

Resilient businesses in the face of uncertainty

Tim Moran, Cold Chain Federation President and Lineage Logistics SVP Operations Europe, said: “Our industry has achieved so much together in the past three years, this was a great way to come together to celebrate our hardworking people, resilient businesses and ability to innovate under pressure. It was also an crucial Sharon Mughal, CCF, with Andrew Jones MPopportunity to reinforce to politicians the cold chain’s importance in the UK’s future, at a time that is full of change for the nation, for the economy and for our industry. I would like to thank the Minister along with all the MPs and Peers who joined us for their appreciation for the UK’s cold chain.”

Along with Defra Minister Victoria Prentis and host Andrew Jones MP, politicians in attendance included: SNP Spokesperson for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Deidre Brock MP; Sir Robert Goodwill MP; Andrew Bridgen MP; Clive Betts MP; Mark Fletcher MP; Dr Kieran Mullan MP; Sir Mike Penning MP; Chris Clarkson MP; Laurence Robertson MP; Alicia Kearns MP; and Baroness McIntosh.

More than 90 leaders of UK cold storage and temperature-controlled distribution business industry were in attendance.

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