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Stockpiling for Brexit – what you need to know

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The UK is no longer a member of the EU, but that's not the end of Brexit. Officials are trying to agree how the future relationship will work. Boris Johnson says an agreement on trade must be done by 15 October. Here's what you need to know.

What does a “no trade deal” mean?

The UK left the EU on 31st January with a deal called the withdrawal agreement. Negotiations on the future of the UK-EU relationship were always intended to be held during the 11 month transition period, which started immediately after Brexit day. The transition period ends on 31 December 2020 and the deadline for extending it has now passed. When transition ends, the UK will automatically drop out of the EU's single market and the customs union. If a new trade deal is not agreed upon by then, tariffs and border checks would be applied to goods travelling from the UK to the EU, and the UK could also choose to do this to EU goods. Quite clearly these tariffs would make UK goods more expensive and harder to sell into the EU and full border checks would cause long delays at ports. Even if a trade deal is reached, it would not eliminate all checks - so UK businesses do need to prepare and have a plan in place.

The effect on businesses

With the Brexit trade deal being still so unclear, the issue of stockpiling is increasingly becoming the centre of focus for businesses in the UK. As we do not know what is in store, many businesses are sceptical about investing in fixed contracts for extra space for storage or operations.

How can Lauralu help?

A temporary warehouse is the ideal solution to the stockpiling dilemma. Here at Lauralu, we can develop high-quality warehouses that are ideal for storing every type of product. Our temporary buildings can be assembled in a matter of days and can be moved to suit your needs, with the current Brexit situation we think temporary warehouses will make a massive difference and take a heap of stress away for businesses.

Hire a temporary warehouse

Our temporary warehouses are available to hire from six months to five years, which makes it the perfect short-term solution. Our highly experienced team can design and install your warehouse within 14 days, regardless of the size of your storage requirements.

Warehouse extensions

You may already have a warehouse, but like most businesses, due to stockpiling you are running out of space. Lauralu has developed a solution; warehouse extensions. We can link these to your current warehouse and can increase or decrease the addition as your business changes.

Variety of buildings to choose from

Depending on your business, you might need a certain type of warehouse, for example, if you store perishable items such as medicine, you may need an insulated temporary warehouse. For this reason, we have a huge variety of options available for you to choose from to make sure we can fit your requirements.

For more information about using a temporary warehouse to stockpile, visit


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