UKWA overhaul of governance structure

October 30, 2014 by Kirsty Adams
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UKWA’s chief executive officer Roger Williams reveals a significant overhaul of its governance structure that is expected to lead to more streamlined decision making processes and, ultimately, greater benefits for members.

Twelve months ago we took the decision to review our articles of association, and during the review we discovered that there were a number of aspects of our existing governance set-up that could politely be described as ‘not best practice.’ For example, it was felt that our management committee was too large which sometimes resulted in the level of debate being far lower than we would like at meetings. We also had problems with succession planning and needed to introduce an appraisal system to ensure that members of our board had the skills and experience that we required. In addition, we examined our regional structures and felt there was room for improvement. Historically, we have relied on a number of volunteer regional chairman who, among other things, organised networking events for members. But gradually the interest in attending them has declined, so clearly things needed refreshing.

As a result of the review, a 10-person board of directors has been created which will be supported by a supervisory board. The main board will meet at least quarterly, while the supervisory board will convene twice a year and will focus on matters such as governance and finance.
Meanwhile, UKWA’s regional chairman structure has been disbanded and replaced by a team of six ‘sector champions’ – individuals considered to have specialist knowledge of key areas of the logistics business.

UKWA’s main board

Tony Mohan
(Bibby Distribution)
Stephen Basey-Fisher (Century Logistics)
Nigel Cook
(Elddis Transport)
Charles Watt
(Wash Properties)
Mel Grainger
Keith Forster
(Boughey Distribution)
Julia Lucas
Iain Speak
(Bibby Distribution)
Roger Williams
UKWA’s supervisory board
Joanne Dolan
(Paul Ponsonby)
Peter Masters
(Mini Clipper)
Richard Davies (Sheldon Clayton)
David Scott
Douglas Fearnley (DF Consulting)
Gideon Hillman
(Gideon Hillman Associates)
UKWA’s sector champions
Networks & Transport –
Nigel Cook
(Elddis Transport)
Graeme Undy
(Eddie Stobart)
Portcentric Logistics & Manufacturing –
Duty Paid Products –
Steve Gaugler
(Henry Diaper)
Fulfilment –
Andy Lawrence (Maxim Logistics)
Agrichem & Pharmaceutical –
Matthew Lamb (Potter Logistics)

We believe that, going forward, our new streamlined approach and emphasis on activity within specific industry sectors will greatly enhance the way UKWA is able to operate and enable us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise for the benefit of our members


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