Preventative maintenance provides benefits to logistics companies

October 29, 2014 by Kirsty Adams
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Industrial and garage door manufacturer Hörmann explains how investing in preventative maintenance services can help greatly improve logistics companies’ day-to-day functions and provide long-term financial gains.

As goods processing operations become leaner, businesses have come to rely on a more sophisticated loading bay. Systems and equipment therefore need to be flexible and adaptable for maximum efficiency, but importantly deliver a high level of safety at all times.
Increased efficiencies in the industry are often sought through greater integration of loading bay structures and equipment, meaning that all components, such as doors, dock levellers, traffic control systems and safety devices need to be operating in a consistently smooth and competent manner.

Businesses have strong commitments towards improving health and safety due to legislative changes and responsibilities within human resources, which, in turn, have made small to medium enterprise owners, as well as blue-chip industrial giants think about how they can improve their internal and external processes.

Life-cycle of every day logistics equipment

Preventative maintenance is seen as providing multiple benefits to a logistics company, as a robust and viable safety regime needs to be at the core of an organisation’s operations. This will inevitably lead to cost savings by reducing downtime and extending the all important life-cycle of everyday equipment.

All of these factors have driven a major leap in demand for manufacturer-backed services, as distribution networks have rapidly evolved among the logistics industry. In order to meet this ever-growing need, service providers such as Hörmann have developed 24/7 support that features a number of total preventative repair and maintenance packages, which often includes multi-brand fixed price servicing, providing greater options, value and flexibility.

These service options not only help with budgetary control and financial planning, enabling businesses to deliver an increased return on investment, but they also help to streamline maintenance processes and personnel through a single point of contact, saving both time and expenditure.

In addition, Hörmann strongly advises businesses to ask for extended warranties in supplier service contracts where possible, which will add even greater value and peace of mind. Further investment has been made in specialist training and technological advancements across many areas within the industry, where teams of field service engineers have been supplemented, all to ensure that high-quality service can be extended to all brands and grades of equipment.

Advances in manufacturer’s management support systems can mean that some suppliers can offer routine care and emergency cover via real-time reporting systems. Such recordings can mean that  all actions and recommendations are kept in one place, creating a simplified audit trail while ensuring the relevant data is always on-hand for insurance and risk assessment requirements.

All of this investment is geared around providing a much more streamlined service that can schedule routine maintenance around operational needs, and deliver the rapid response needed in the event of a mechanical breakdown or due to accidental damage.
It is clearly recognised that a system for essential and desirable upkeep is less costly than an emergency call-out, but with the festive season nearly upon us, it is vital that logistics companies, no matter how big or small, are fully prepared for what the busy, cold season will bring. Put simply, pre-winter checks along with regular service and maintenance can save time and money that can ultimately affect businesses’ trading success and bottom line.

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