IDC confirms £300k orders from IMHX 2010

January 04, 2011 by Admin
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Improving production line efficiency through smarter communication and integrating warehouse distribution systems with external logistics were the main focus for visitors to the Intelligent Distributed Controls (IDC) exhibition stand at the well attended IMHX show, which took place in November 2010.

IDC, one of the UK’s leading experts in warehouse and production line integration, has confirmed very strong interest in its wireless hardware and software solutions employed to improve efficiency, organisation and workflow. It has reported an order pipeline of over £300,000 worth of business as a result of enquiries made at the NEC-based exhibition.

IDC demonstrated live, a range dedicated intelligent, problem solving wireless products from bar code readers to pull switches, location tags, RFID tag readers and keyrings, machine controllers and warning beacons – all of which were integrated into a wireless LAN on the stand and shown working in real-time.

Commenting, Kevin Buckley, MD of IDC says, “We attended this exhibition as a bit of a leap of faith having become disillusioned with exhibitions some time ago; however, with the support of our marketing services provider, we decided that we had a range of products and solutions that were ‘moving the game on’ in terms of technology and it was worth showing them to the materials handling industry at large.

“We are very glad we did, as there seems to be a real need for these solutions in the market and few companies that have the breadth of experience to cherry pick the right technology to suit any application, and can show strong evidence of previous successful projects. IDCs customers already include big names, including: Toyota, Toys R Us, John Lewis, Balfour Beatty and BAE Systems, and we are able to cite examples of where an IDC solution is delivering the goods in terms of helping to hit KPIs and providing measurable improvements through effective reporting.

“Being able to choose from a range of wireless data formats in order to suit any given application, combined with the fact that we manufacture our own range of wireless enabled hardware, allows us the flexibility to integrate what we want, where and when it is appropriate, instead of being tied to one type of solution. For example' we demonstrated projects where we have actively supported mobile networking with the internet using our own servers, localised low-power ZigBee networks, RFID technology, bar-coding and the latest developments with 6LowPAN (IPv6 over LoW Power wireless Area Networks) to create optimum solutions.

“The enquiries IDC received at the show spanned all these technologies and will keep the company broadly based as it moves forwards. It also shows that the traditional exhibition is still a valuable sales and marketing tool when used at the right time and in the right way.”

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