Hyster trucks built for extreme business

October 29, 2014 by Kirsty Adams
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In extreme applications, only the toughest forklifts keep on going. SHD Logistics looks at some of the most demanding applications and uncovers what Hyster trucks are really made of.

The first products to be handled by a fork lift truck in the metal production process are slabs, blooms, ingots and coils as they are casted, leaving the process at approximately 900°C. This is not a job for just any machine. Heat from direct contact with the product or from radiation can seriously affect the front of a fork lift truck. With the Hyster heat protection package, the H25-32XM series is at home in the metal industry providing up to 32t at a long 1,200mm load centre. Intelligent design helps the forklift maintain a low cost of operation and reliability throughout its arduous life in the heat. The load-sensing hydraulic system is set with industry leading cooling performance so that the oil temperature stays below 90°C.

This helps to prevent the hoses from becoming brittle and prolongs the life of all components involved.  The optional chainless Monomast helps to overcome increased wear associated with chains drying out in the heat and the multi stage lift cylinder is protected from the radiant heat by shields. The removal of components in the front end not only makes the truck more robust it also helps with visibility on the coil and tip of the coil ram.
The integrated coil ram has a special six-roller set-up that is designed to increase roller life where impacts are frequent.  But it isn’t just about heat in the metal industry. The strong and sturdy Hyster mast design is an essential feature in typical metal storage sites, which are mostly unpaved and bumpy and can sometimes cause “load bouncing” when transporting long and heavy loads. The strong design and robust quality of the Hyster truck, mast and carriage also helps when slab flipping and for other high-shock loads. Hyster carriages use wear pads rather than rollers for side shift. Wear pads have better resistance to heat and shock loading and therefore increase uptime in these environments.

Like all Hyster Big Trucks, the high-performance power train is also highly reliable, featuring engine and transmission protection, and the oil-immersed (wet) disc brakes help further support a total lower cost of operation. There are massive fuel savings too, of up to 25%. Performance is optimised thanks to the Cummins engine technologies and ZF transmissions, along with cooling on demand and load-sensing hydraulics. Operators also benefit from accurate control with an “egg shell” landing, helping to prevent damage to any front-end attachment, such as rounded forks, grab clamps, C-hooks, pipe stabilisers, coil rams, long rams or magnets, used in the metal industry.

A paperweight for forklifts

Large reels of paper, tissue, board, Kraft liner, news print andother products can measure up to 4.5m in height and weigh up to 6.5t with varying diameters. Forklifts are expected to carefully lift, rotate and stack the valuable rolls quickly, often in tight spaces and with several rolls at a time.

Hyster is well known in the paper industry for having a series of unique solutions that overcome speed or space challenges. The new Hyster H12XM-6, for example, provides a nominal capacity of 12,000kg at 600mm load centre and is powerful enough to handle several large paper reels at once to offload a ship quickly. Exposed quaysides at ports, 24hr operations, and highly intense duty cycles are all factors for which the truck is designed. The robust frame and wide drive axle ensure excellent side stability and long-term durability when handling loads at full capacity with front end attachments, including 180/360° rotation, single or split arm clamps.

Inside the warehouses, paper reels are usually stacked vertically, directly onto clean warehouse floors, and many businesses look to reduce warehouse aisle widths to pack more in. A major factor that defines the aisle width is the physical dimensions of the fork lift trucks in relation to the required lift capacity.In the July edition of SHD Logistics, we covered the Hyster Fortens S7.0FT fork lift truck – a seven-tonne truck with the dimensions of a four-tonne truck and ideal for compact paper warehouses. The ‘S7’ can, for example, stack four-tonne paper rolls at heights up to 6.5m.

Supporting the mining giants

Hyster Tyre Handlers provide fast and cost-effective changing of giant tyres on heavy-duty mining trucks, while ensuring maximum protection for mechanics. Designed for the demanding mining environment and severe weather conditions, they are exceptionally reliable and deliver a low cost of operation for the typically remote applications. Hyster Big Trucks from 8 to 32 tonnes, in combination with the new IMT tyre handling attachments, help mechanics to quickly change the tyres on large haulage trucks, loaders or scrapers with tyres that can weigh up to 16,330kg with diameters up to 4.16m. The attachments feature front pads that firmly grip the tyre in the required position for changing, while providing fall back arm protection for the mechanics.

Visibility, controllability and manoeuvrability are particularly important in this application in order to position the wheel rim in front of the studs and then push the rim over the studs while keeping a view on the mechanic. Finger tip control over the hydraulic functions and a predictable direct response is essential whether lifting, tilting, side shifting, clamping, clamp body rotating (+/- 50° each side), pad rotating (360° endless) or controlling the fall back arm protection.  In most cases haul truck axle repairs or wheel changes are carried out in workshop areas where manoeuvring space is scarce, so the high-capacity short wheelbase Hyster models offer a great benefit. The trucks can also easily switch to using forks.

Extreme indoor materials handling

“Extreme” is not all about big trucks in unusual outdoor applications. Many pallet warehouses, for example, can be considered “extreme” with exceptional demands placed on the equipment. With reliability one of the most important truck features for many warehouse managers, the Hyster brand name truly does live up to its reputation inside the warehouse. Whether it’s electric forklifts, pallet trucks and stackers, order pickers, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) or reach trucks, Hyster equipment is designed and built for the most extreme 24/7 operating conditions. Quality local support plays a crucial role in ensuring that trucks perform at their best in any operation, particularly in extreme applications.  



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