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6 automation products which could give you the competitive edge

As customer expectations continue to add more demands to your warehouse, will you be modernising your automated handling systems?


SSI Schaefer provides automated system to Holland and Barrett

SSI Schaefer has provided Holland & Barrett with an automated system to revolutionise its capabilities within the e-commerce market.

UK health & wellness retailer Holland & Barrett’s central distribution centre in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire serves over 620 retail outlets across the UK and Ireland. With continuous online product offers, the e-commerce operation required its own dedicated stock to be held separately from the retail stock...

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Energy-efficient sortation system for PostNord AS

Automated material handling systems supplier Beumer Group has installed an energy-efficient Crisplant sortation system for PostNord AS at its new parcel sortation centre near Oslo.

Formerly known as Tollpost Globe, now part of the Nordic communications and logistics solutions provider PostNord, the Norwegian company has experienced a boom in its parcel logistics business. The company established the new parcel terminal near Oslo to meet the need for increased capacity in the area around the capital...

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Smart solution for pallet conveyors

Lenze has brought out a Smart Motor suitable for pallet conveyors which boasts what it describes as “remarkable” starting performance.

Lenze says its Smart Motor is a “new and unique drive for horizontal and vertical material handling”. It is a combination of a standard IEC frame AC motor with electronics that allows any speed to be set in a range from 500 to 2,600rpm.  Setting is by Android smartphone using NFC (Near Field Communication) which is contactless and can be done even without power. ..

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Egemin Automation builds deepfreeze warehouse for frozen food

Egemin Automation has been assigned to build and automate a brand-new deepfreeze warehouse for frozen foods specialist Crop’s in Belgium, at its Ooigem production site. Crop’s investment in the new high-bay warehouse will support its growth plans over the coming years. The facility will be built next to the existing freezer warehouse and production plant. Egemin will be responsible for the complete construction and logistic organisation of the warehouse. The construction works include the foundations, insulation, roofing, cooling, oxygen reduction, fire detection, lighting and electricity. The logistic part includes the clad rack construction and all automation technology, including five AS/RS stacker cranes, the conveyor system and the higher-level WMS software to control all material flows...

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Ordered today, delivered today

As delivery times grow shorter, digital commerce is becoming ever more dynamic. To keep pace with these developments, businesses have to rethink and invest in new logistics concepts. The challenge today is to complete picking, packaging and shipping within a few short hours.

When eCommerce was in its infancy, online shoppers were impressed with being able to get a wide range of items delivered straight to their door, let alone find them there within a few days. Businesses grappled with the idea of how to shorten the time it took to turn clicks into picks, as well as deliver the goods profitably and at speed. By 1999, bookshop chain co-founder, Louis Borders, launched Webvan in the US, which gave a glimpse into the future potential of home delivery.

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Automate for productivity in your logistics operations

Steve Richmond, director of Jungheinrich UK Ltd’s Systems and Projects Division, is urging third party logistics service providers (3PLs) to look again at modern automated handling systems.

Historically, 3PLs have been reluctant to invest in warehouse automation. The comparatively high degree of investment required and the apparent inflexibility of certain systems to adapt to the changing needs of a 3PL’s shifting client base have made such systems unattractive to most logistics firms. But, with recent advances in automation technology, this is set to change. In the past a fully automated system could involve significant capital expenditure and require...

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See a range of articles on conveyors, automated systems and robotics in the February 2015 issue of SHD Logistics.




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