Wilko fined £2.2m for cage-crush injuries

January 11, 2017 by Peter MacLeod
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Wilko has been fined £2.2m after an accident in one of its stores left a worker paralysed.

Corisande Collins was crushed when a 6ft metal cage full of paint toppled on top of her at a store in Leicester, in 2013. She suffered a spinal fracture and has to use a wheelchair.

Wilko admitted liability and failing to ensure the health and safety of its employees, at Leicester Crown Court.

Collins was pulling a roll cage overloaded with 230kg of paint out of a lift, which was not even with the shop floor, when it toppled over on top of her, the court heard.

An air ambulance took her to hospital where doctors later told her she would never walk again.

Prosecuting, Bernard Thorogood said it was a "high culpability case" as there was no risk assessment for the lift or the use of the roll cages.

There was also "inadequate training and supervision" and all employees over time were exposed to this "significant risk".

The store said in a statement: "From the outset Wilko has accepted full responsibility for the consequences of this tragic accident involving one of their team members. We are truly sorry that this incident happened and for the impact it made on our team member and those around them."

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