Walmart outlines future of retail

June 07, 2017 by Kirsty Adams
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Walmart outlines future of retail

“Together, we’re building a new Walmart,” McMillon told more than 14,000 associates from across the U.S. this week. “We’re going to make shopping with us faster, easier and more enjoyable... We will be people-led and tech-empowered.”

Testing New Ground with Associate Deliveries

This week, Walmart announced the company has recently begun a trial that enables store associates to deliver store items to customers in a new way to improve “last mile” delivery. The trial, which is early in development, pays participating store associates to deliver customer packages on their existing commute home from work, substantially increasing the retailer’s reach into suburban and rural communities.

McMillon noted other tests that will empower and benefit customers. They include digital endless-aisle shopping in stores, automated pickup towers in stores for online orders, pickup stations in store parking lots, robotics and image analytics to scan aisles for item availability and shelf presentation and machine learning and more advanced algorithms in pricing systems.

McMillon went on to highlight initiatives helping to drive company results by creating a better working experience for associates and shopping experience for customers. They include:

•Free two-day shipping on more than two million items, with no membership fee;
•A discount for customers picking up online orders in stores;
•Grocery pickup in many markets around the world and delivery from stores in some;
•Jet Fresh delivery, which provides delivery of fresh groceries to the home in 1-2 days and is now available to half of the U.S. population and growing.

McMillon struck an optimistic tone about the future of work and technology, encouraging the company’s 2.3 million worldwide associates to “be lifelong learners.” While investments are being made in technology, he stressed that people remain central to Walmart’s business. “The secret to our success will always be our people – it will be us,” he said, highlighting Walmart’s commitment to train and equip workers with the tools and skills they need.

“I think we should recognize that we’ll be able to learn, grow and change together,” he said. While Walmart will always be a place where associates can learn to run a store or lead a distribution center, McMillon went on to say the company is creating jobs in new areas, including data scientists, machine-learning engineers and mobile app developers. “More than ever, Walmart will be a ladder of opportunity.”


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