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Polymer and DS Smith reach agreement

Published: January 02, 2014 by Kirsty Adams

Polymer Logistics and DS Smith reach settlement agreement which resolves patent infringement actions

In October 2011 Polymer Logistics brought an infringement action in the English courts against DS Smith, for infringement of Polymer's patent by DS Smith's "K-Roll" convertible dolly/pallet. DS Smith brought a counter action against Polymer Logistics, claiming infringement of its patents by Polymer's dolly/pallet product the "Roll-n-Pal".

Polymer Logistics and DS Smith are pleased to advise that they have now reached a settlement agreement which resolves the patent infringement actions brought by each party against the other. As part of the settlement going forward, Polymer Logistics will market and manufacture "K-Roll" and “Roll-n-Pal” dolly-pallets and will own the associated intellectual property rights for these products.

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