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DHL and Premier Foods improve safety in the supply chain

Published: September 05, 2012 by Nikki Matthews

As part of its collaborative working approach with its suppliers, Premier Foods has recently awarded one of its key partners, DHL, an award for outstanding improvement in health and safety.

DHL is the logistics partner for the Rank Hovis supply chain responsible for the transportation of all Premier Foods' flour to its customers.

The huge improvements in its safety rates have largely been inspired and achieved by using a similar approach and method as Premier Foods' own safety programme. By focusing on improving the safety of all its employees and working closely with Premier Foods, DHL has been able to help deliver a pace-setting and engaging process across its organisation. This has seen the German logistics company reducing its accident rates significantly including their RIDDOR (reportable accidents) rate of six in 2009 to zero in 2012.

Improved training for company staff, re-evaluation of risk assessments as well as ensuring clear management accountability for health and safety are just some of the ways DHL has achieved an improved performance.

Ian Paxman, head of Rank Hovis logistics commenting on the award said: ‘'With 193 employees operating across seven mills and three depots the improvement in health and safety over the last three years has been a remarkable achievement."

Mark Dunkey, head of operations agri-food (DHL) commented on receiving the award: "I am extremely proud of the outstanding health and safety improvements achieved over the last three and half years on the Rank Hovis account. I have spoken many times about our journey to make tomorrow safer than today. The attitude of the team to embrace the change required to achieve this has been nothing short of phenomenal.

"Clearly for the improvements to be achieved you need fantastic people to make it happen. We have some fantastic people in Rank Hovis and DHL who have worked together to get to this point in our journey," he concluded.

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