VIDEO: IFOY 2017 test days

April 10, 2017 by Peter MacLeod
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VIDEO: IFOY 2017 test days

IFOY Test Days 2017

The IFOY Test Days 2017 took place in March, and the nominees have undergone thorough testing over the course eight days on the grounds of IFOY partner Messe Münchnen. 

Twenty-five jury members - including SHD Logistics' Peter MacLeod - and their advisory teams out of the logistics media and purchasing executives from industry and logistics from all over the world travelled to the venue to cast their vote. In total, more than 100 guest attended  the tests. 

The leading contestants for the IFOY Award 2017 are a well-kept secret right up to the last minute before the names are revealed at the IFOY Award Night on the transport logistic opening day (9th May) at BMW World and the audience hears the all-important words: "And the Winner is...".



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