Transaid to unveil prizes at The Logistics Awards

September 13, 2017 by David Tran
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Transaid to unveil prizes at The Logistics Awards

SHD Logistics is delighted to announce that Transaid will once again be this year's The Logistics Awards’ official charity partner. Transaid transforms lives through safe, available, and sustainable transport. The international development organisation shares 25 years’ worth of expertise in 23 countries with partners and governments ― empowering people to build the skills they need to transform their own lives.

The Logistics Awards has partnered with Transaid since 2014, raising an incredible total of £7,821 in support of Transaid’s life-saving work in sub-Saharan Africa. Funds raised contribute to the vital work Transaid carries out, for example the MORE MAMaZ programme which aims to increase the use of maternal and newborn health facilities among rural communities in Zambia.

From 2014 to 2016, volunteer Emergency Transport System (ETS) riders used bicycle ambulances to transport 3,647 women to a health facility; 321 of these transfers were for maternal complications. This year, Transaid has started a new project using some of the learnings and infrastructure from MORE MAMaZ to tackle severe cases of malaria for young children.

There will be an opportunity to support Transaid’s work during the evening on Thursday September 21. A raffle will be held with fantastic prizes to be won, including an iPad 2 (donated by UniCarriers), a £100 voucher (BITA). If you would like to take part in the raffle please bring some cash with you for the collection envelopes on your tables during the evening.

A ‘bicycle ambulance’ auction will also be held, giving you or your company the chance to bid £500 to ‘sponsor’ a bicycle ambulance in Zambia and in doing so provide invaluable support to Transaid’s work there.


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