#Election2017: supply chain…remains strong, says Durham lecturer

June 13, 2017 by Kirsty Adams
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#Election2017: supply chain…remains strong, says Durham lecturer

Dr Christos Tsinopoulos, senior lecturer in operations & project management at Durham University Business School, comments on the effect the current political environment in the UK has on the country’s supply chain.

“Seeing through the current ever-changing landscape in the UK is difficult and thus predicting the impact of the new political developments on the UK’s supply chain even more difficult. So far, the only certain thing is the uncertainty. Yet, the UK’s manufacturing sector, and the supply chain that supports it, remains strong.

“It is indeed encouraging to see that developing and implementing a coherent industrial strategy remains one of the key intentions of Whitehall. As things move forward, therefore, it would be great to see more initiatives that support those elements that have made the supply chain strong. For example, we know from our research that supply chains thrive on information sharing in a stable external environment.

Openness to sharing knowledge, ideas, and best practice has been one of the key factors that have so far provided competitive strength for the UK’s supply chain in a global environment. All relevant stakeholders on the political establishment seem to appreciate this, but it would be great to see how it translates into specific actions as the new government settles in.”


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