DHL Supply Chain launches real time data tracking mobile app

April 29, 2013 by Peter MacLeod
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DHL Supply Chain launches real time data tracking mobile app

One of the leading logistics and third party providers, DHL Supply Chain has launched the SmartPOD app, a solution that provides DHL’s drivers and third party hauliers with a simple way of capturing real time data and electronic POD information. 

Developed in conjunction with transport management solution specialist Microlise, the app provides at-a-glance vehicle location data, including departure and arrival times, plus real time POD information.

In trials, the results have been impressive, cutting admin costs and payment lead times, while allowing drivers to concentrate on their deliveries rather than have to report regularly to base. 
Leading UK agribusiness, Openfield, which subcontracts up to 100,000 loads of grain to third-party hauliers annually, is one of the first companies to roll out the app and is already reaping the benefits, dramatically cutting paperwork, avoiding traffic delays and cancelled loads.

The app is a cost effective solution which has been welcomed by drivers, farms and mills alike, significantly reducing admin. Simple to use, it integrates with most transport management systems, enabling easy tracking of deliveries.

Jim Hotchin, director of operations of Openfield said: “With our drivers on the road Monday to Friday, it was taking up to two weeks to process information, resulting in delayed cash-flows and supply shortages. Using the SmartPOD app, we get delivery information in real time making a significant impact to efficiencies, which in turn are driving cost savings.”

“DHL has enhanced the service we provide to our customers, while optimizing our supply chain and reducing costs. By embracing this technology, we have made our customers’ lives easier and that's the service excellence we strive for,” he added.

Ian Fisher, VP IT strategy, planning & innovation, DHL Supply Chain, Europe added: “We’re delighted with the response to the new app and are accelerating its roll out to our customer base across all industry sectors.  Above all, we wanted to make it easy to use - just like any other smartphone app - and we’ve succeeded.”

DHL and Microlise are also developing a dashboard for drivers to report their mileage and carbon impact. Data collected from the SmartPOD app will be accessed through a web portal, providing hauliers with all the information they need to help reduce emissions and make further cost savings. This additional feature will be available from June 2013.

The SmartPOD app can be downloaded from Google Play and is currently available on the Android platform for Smartphones. For more information please visit



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