Author Gwynne Richards to judge SHD Awards

July 25, 2014 by Kirsty Adams
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Author Gwynne Richards to judge SHD Awards

Gwynne Richards, author and consultant, agrees to judge the SHD Logistics Awards.

The SHD Logistics team are pleased to announce Gwynne Richards as a judge for the SHD Logistics Awards 2015.

Gwynne Richards, having spent 25 years in third-party logistics, set up his own logistics and supply chain consultancy and training company in 2003. In addition to his training and consultancy projects he has written books on Warehouse Management and produced a compendium of logistics and supply chain tools.

The SHD Logistics Awards judges are chosen for their industry expertise, which is put to good use during the judging process, where entries from ten categories are deliberated by our panel of experts.

Awards categories include: Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment/Sustainability, Innovation, Multimodal, New Facility, Operations Large, Operations SME,Retrun On Investment, Safety and Warehouse Efficiency.

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