2017 Award Categories & Criteria

The chosen categories reflect the most important areas for performance and improvement in an intralogistics and supply chain business. New for 2017 was The Logistics 100 Award.


• Evidence to support a company’s engagement with a charity, educational establishment or the local community

• A company’s fair treatment or ‘above and beyond’ initiative to support its staff, suppliers, the consumer or other stakeholder

• Demonstration of exceptional ethical standards


• Evidence of measurable improvement in carbon reduction

• Innovative, practical solutions to increase sustainability

• Efforts made to protect and improve the environment with examples


• The entry must be focused on a logistics operation but can be submitted in association with partners (charities, not-for-profits organisations, colleges, schools, universities, private training providers)

• Submit clear evidence of a scheme which will develop the next generation of logistics operators

• Detailed description of an operation which has invested in/supported/sponsored an apprenticeship scheme/graduate scheme/ employer-led training programme/ education project/event which has/will contribute to the development of future skills within logistics

• Industry-led initiatives which have taken ownership of the local skills market

• Evidence of how a company has actively encouraged a diverse and inclusive future logistics workforce

• Please include where possible, the following figures: Number of apprentice/graduate/ internship places offered. Number of apprentices/graduates/school leavers employed. Number of schools engaged, young people and teachers influenced

• A company which can show clear evidence of a career framework developed for new starters


• Significant, profitable growth in your sector

• An increase in market share

• A change in your business structure to enable strong growth

• Evidence of strong strategic leadership/decision making resulting in growth

• Collaboration with another logistics provider and/or customer to drive growth


• Measurable improvement in areas such as efficiency, accuracy, and/or productivity as a result of the deployment of a process/product/procedure that could be classified as ‘non-standard’ or bespoke within the supply chain

• Demonstrate that a change of approach unique to your business has brought a tangible return

• An increase in profitability for you or your customer/client


• Must be an individual who is a member of the Logistcs 100 2016/2017

• Provide key achievements – which reflect the Logistics 100 criteria – between May 2016 to May 2017

• Examples of how a vision has been realised within an operation

• Examples of how new technology has been implemented within an operation in response to unprecedented change

• Events attended/spoken at/engagement with industry

• Examples of how you’re driving change for the wider logistics industry (e.g. development of a diverse workforce)

* The Logistics 100 is a list of the industry’s most influential players. To find out more visit www.shdlogistics.com/logistics100


• A new warehouse or distribution centre which has hit the ground running (within tight deadlines/budgetary constraints)

• A new innovative use of logistics space due to changes in trends/lack of property available

• Major technology projects which shape the future of the facility


• A supply chain that’s finely tuned for the business

• An operation that’s flexible, future-proof, clean/efficient, reactive – the ‘best in class’

• Clear evidence of improvement initiative/change that has either been implemented or delivered benefits

• Evidence of how supply chain is enabling delivery of overall business strategy

• Evidence of cross functional and cross business working


  • The criteria for this category is the same as Operations Large (above).


• How a change of culture, equipment or practice has improved safety. Did this come from the top down or the bottom up?

• Supporting data (where applicable), eg H&S incident before/after figures

• Inclusion of staff in safety measures


• Where systems or technology have enabled the operation to significantly improve efficiency, accuracy, communication, productivity, visibility, accountability or profitability

• A new system or technology bringing benefits to an existing operation, an existing system or technology used in a novel way or a new operation that has an innovative solution for the industry

• Entrants will need to demonstrate that a change in technology has brought a tangible return to their or their partners business


• Measurable improvement in company operations through the implementation of new equipment

• A reconfiguration of a DC or warehouse

• Use of automation

• Benefits to the business and/or customer


  • The judging panel will choose a winner from the above categories for this Award.


  • SHD Logistics' editor Peter MacLeod will choose a project or programme which has caught his eye, but does not neccesarily fit into one of the above categories.

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Important dates:

Entries open on 2nd March 2018
Entries close on 4th May 2018